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There are a wide variety of flooring materials to choose from. At Activ Projects we supply and install ceramic, vinyl and loose lay flooring all in a wide variety of styles, designs and colours. Each flooring type has its own specific application and our sales representatives can advise on the best option to suit the customers’ requirements.



Usually best suited to substrate floors that undergo little or no movement such as concrete or cement. Ceramic tiles are available in almost unlimited designs and colours including wood plank effect tiles that can be used instead of wood or laminate floors. Ceramic floors are long lasting, incredibly hard wearing and are very low maintenance. Especially suited to high traffic areas, ceramic tiles are a great investment.



Suited to all types of substrate, vinyl has the advantage that it allows for some movement of the substrate flooring so is an ideal flooring material to lay over wood floors or where movement will occur due to temperature fluctuations. Like ceramic tiles vinyl flooring is available in a multitude of designs, patterns, styles and colours. It is impervious to water penetration, easy to clean and hard wearing. Solid vinyl floors are homogenous, with the colour/design permeating every layer so any scratches that occur are not usually noticeable.



Like Vinyl, Loose-lay flooring is suited to all types of substrate, is very flexible and is resistant to tearing. It has the distinct advantages that it is quick to lay, does not require glue so it can be used immediately after laying and does not require the store to be closed before the floor is laid, as tiles can be laid to the edge of immovable objects such as counters, fridges/freezers and shelving bays. This makes it an ideal choice for stores that are planning to continue trading during their refit.

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